CP S.r.l.
via dell'artigianato, 13
33070 san cassiano di brugnera (pn)
pordenone italy
tel.   0434 608.073
fax.   0434 607.501
P.IVA IT 01408690939

CP S.r.l.

leader in the production of furniture components
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The Covre Piazza company has developed over twenty years of experience in the wood sector, and is specialized in the techniques of thin-edge working, for edges with a thickness of up to 3 mm., as well as soft-forming.

These processes are applied to the following products:

  • Doors and tops in melamine material with soft edge and abs up to 3 mm.
  • Structures for kitchens and structures for children's bedrooms
  • Desktops and structures for office and bathroom furniture

  • All work is carried out on melamine material panels. The manufacturing processes include automatic cleaning phases of the panels with suitable products to remove impurities such as production residues and glues.

    Soft-forming is realized by shaping the panel and applying a melamine material edge. The soft-forming technique makes it possible to obtain product of average quality at highly competitive costs.

    The applications of the technologies of thin edges, thick edges and soft-forming, on panels coated with treated papers, represent the present and the future of the Covre Piazza company.

    The realization of non-standard sizes completes the range of services that we offer our clients.