CP S.r.l.
via dell'artigianato, 13
33070 san cassiano di brugnera (pn)
pordenone italy
tel.   0434 608.073
fax.   0434 607.501
P.IVA IT 01408690939

CP S.r.l.

leader in the production of furniture components
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Thousands, millions of individuals work, produce and save money regardless of our efforts to bother, stop and discourage them.

Their driving force is a natural vocation, not just thirst for money. Good taste, pride in observing their companies' prosperity, to gain credit, to inspire trust in a growing clientele, to buy more machinery, to improve their workplaces, these all represent stimuli for progress as strong as profit.

If this were not true, it would not be possible to explain why there are entrepreneurs who put all their energies and invest all their capital to make smaller profits than those which other professions could have surely and easily provided them.
Luigi Einaudi